Friday, September 3, 2010


I'm on a course of photo-therapy for my psoriasis. The apparatus is more or less the same as a tanning booth. What they didn't tell me was that I'd have to wear a skimpy paper posing pouch. I've never felt so ridiculous

Today was my second course and in case I didn't feel silly enough they've now added a protective visor to my outfit.

As well as treating my skin condition I'm getting a lesson in discovering just how uncomfortable I am in my... nudieness

For purposes of context..


laura v said...

You do realise its a bet the staff are having.......they will just keep adding new accessories every week. Watch out for week 4. Its the butt plug and nipple tassels......

PullingpIctures said...

I shiver in anticipation

PullingpIctures said...

Week three- treatment number 8 I smell funny

might be slightly cooked