Monday, December 29, 2008

Aces Wild- CD single cover

This is an old post from that I'd forgotten about

This design was used on a limited edition CD by my band Aces Wild.

I reused some of these elements in the final album artwork as well

I notice a couple of these images are getting cropped here- don't know why

Right click and select view image to see the complete picture

Original post below- - -

Here is one i did recently for my own band Aces Wild

Here is the prelim sketch for this cover

Then I worked it up a bit

I had the idea of making a card featuring each member of the band- heres me

Its a bit like that bit in Reservoir Dogs, in this case instead of everyone wanting to be Mr Black i had to decide who was going to be the Ace of Spades( the coolest card!)

In the end the singer got that! I took Hearts simply cos no-one else would want it

Heres the final( i think) cover

and here is the whole thing-itll wrap around the cd

some details lost in optimising..but you get the idea

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